At J3 Consulting, we love to showcase the exceptional talent within our team. This month, we turn the spotlight on Greig Fields, our highly accomplished Senior Advisor and Senior Agile Program Manager. 

Fields joined J3 Consulting in 2017 and has since served the company in a variety of roles, including as Chief Technology Officer. Now, working closely with our SETA clients, Fields leads our highly skilled SETA team.

Greig brings immense value to J3,” noted Simar Johar, J3 Consulting’s current CTO. “His extensive experience makes for an amazing bouncing board for ideas and thoughts on strategic plans. He is still curious and a developer at heart, and I love that approach to help overcome challenges in a structured and repeatable way. That man is classy, with an extensive Jazz library paired with some of the best bourbons around!”

Called an “IT unicorn” by colleagues, Fields has served in executive leadership roles at Fortune 100 IT companies, bringing experience in everything from coding, programming, and applications development to government contracting and sales. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Management, and he has received numerous awards for his contributions in IT. 

In an Agile environment, Fields has provided technical advisory services, code reviews, and quality management on seven projects using SAFe Agile processes. He has developed automated tools for performance and quality metrics analysis, resulting in reduced project slippage and increased product quality.

Fields’ methodology for measuring and reducing technical debt in Agile environments was widely adopted by a major government agency. By analyzing defect arrival and completion times, he developed an algorithm that improved defect remediation processes. Additionally, he designed and implemented a scalable business development framework, simplifying sales pipeline management. The solution included web and mobile-based tools and automated data analysis for strategic planning.

A retired IT executive, Fields made the decision to come out of retirement and join J3 Consulting because of his strong belief in the company, its leadership, and his desire to contribute to its success. 

Having previously worked with Jeannie Jones-Ledford, J3 Consulting’s President and CEO, during his tenure at HP Federal as the Director of Business Development and Solutions Architects, Fields was familiar with her expertise and capabilities. Their collaboration began when Jeannie assisted him in securing a contract for his product, BD-in-a-Box, a business development framework and toolset he developed and co-patented that is used by multiple businesses delivering projects and services to the federal government.

As Jeannie ventured into growing her own business, I joined forces with her again,” Fields said. “When the opportunity arose for J3 Consulting to support the USDA with software development, I saw the chance to make a meaningful impact.”

Fields’ motivation stems from wanting to witness J3’s growth and success, even in his retirement. He takes pride in being part of a company that flourishes and prospers, and he is committed to contributing his skills and expertise in any capacity necessary to facilitate J3 Consulting’s growth and achievement.

Fields expressed his confidence in the leadership team, highlighting the family-oriented culture fostered by Jones-Ledford, where a comfortable work environment and the opportunity for some fun are valued.

Fields noted the positive impact brought by adding CIO Peter Cipriano and CTO Simar Johar to the team.

“Their presence has introduced a higher level of organization and business focus, propelling the company towards a more strategic direction,” he said, pointing to the results they are achieving in terms of competitiveness in the government market, particularly through partnerships with industry giants like Amazon and Microsoft, as well as various other companies.

Ledford-Jones noted that she is incredibly grateful for Fields’ commitment to the company, as well as his exceptional talent.

“With his extensive IT expertise and remarkable leadership, Greig consistently brings innovative approaches and invaluable contributions to our success. Greig is truly an asset we deeply appreciate,” she said.