Cloud Resale Services – AWS

J3 finds itself in a unique position to offer agencies an opportunity to consolidate their AWS cloud spend through a small company. Being an AWS partner, we have access to discount levels and AWS programs that significantly reduce the frontend cost for AWS cloud consumption for the agency.

J3 personnel have a history providing advisory services around cloud, and leverages this knowledge base to benefit agencies looking to simplify their billing, consolidate and get better discounts and often benefit from improved service contracts.

Assisting the government discover its cloud spend, compare the ROI across the public clouds and setup for more advanced FinOps and analytics, J3’s value offering in incomparable to anything else on the market.

Why J3:

  • J3 is an AWS partner
  • Consolidated and Simplified Billing
  • Better discounts and ROI
  • Advantageous Service Contracts
  • Supports Cloud Experimentation for small POCs
  • Activate Advanced FinOps and cost recovery
  • Transparent Implementation – Backend changes to billing