J3 provides advanced data analytics services in conjunction with other services or as a stand-alone service to based on client’s specific needs.

The predictive capabilities of advanced analytics can be used to forecast trends, events, and behaviors. Our Analytics tools are customizable and can be scaled up to support reporting at the program, portfolio, and top-level organization level. Tools are used for Story Lifecycle, Test, Defect and Requirements Traceability Management SETA KPI area results reporting.

Our solutions using these tools are built to integrate with multiple data sources used by different projects such as JIRA, Rational, MS Project, Excel (automation), and can scale up to provide expanded integration and dashboard capability with the use of Tableau and MS Power BI.

At J3 we provide not only the data but provide relevant and actionable recommendations using this Aggregate data in ways to identify activities that are decreasing quality or impeding performance and make recommendations to address those issues.