Agile metrics are the quantifiable measures to determine the parameters around the agile project including the quality of work, productivity, progress and level of success of the project.

J3 Agile Project Metrics Development and Reporting services bring value to our clients by using advanced analytical thinking to look at all aspects of an Applications project and its complete assessments. We are then able to create and measure the performance and quality metrics that are important and critical to the success of the client, program office and end user.

J3 provides a leading edge “Metrics Development Service” that uses a methodology that assesses current state of the organizations project activities and then together with our clients we define the organizations desired project operational state, which enables us to define customized goals and metrics to drive process improvement.

Our approach ensures quality is built into the software during its development and the software meets the user requirement.

During the entire project lifecycle, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used as attributes to determine the level of quality for each key area. Some of these KPI’s may include:

  • Story Lifecycle Management
  • PI / Sprint Performance Analysis
  • Code Quality Assessments
  • Test Management Analysis
  • Defect Management Analysis
  • Defect Quality Assessments
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Release Development and Process Assessment
  • Project Artifact Quality and Completeness Assessment