Mathieu C. MazarinSenior AQA Analyst

Mathieu (Matt) Mazarin joined J3 as a Senior AQA Analyst in early 2023. In this role, he works closely with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) while leveraging his expertise in software defect management.

Having previously worked at another contracting company within the USDA, Mr. Mazarin’s prior experience and familiarity with the agency’s processes have been invaluable to J3. One of his early accomplishments with J3 has involved developing the SETA Agile cross-train defect management dashboard. SETA’s dashboard specifically focuses on monitoring defects across the different agile trains within the organization.

Additionally, Mr. Mazarin is evaluating an opportunity for improvement across different management platforms and how they interact, like the service desk and software program management. He has been instrumental in coordinating and enhancing the workflow between these two systems, particularly regarding defect management and data requests.

Furthermore, Mr. Mazarin has been actively involved in training on the basic defect management workflow, ensuring that team members are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. Highlighting his initiative and leadership, he recently conceived and initiated a Defect Managers Community of Practice. This community aims to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among defect managers, fostering continuous improvement and best practices within the organization. The initiative has already gained recognition and approval from USDA leadership, underlining its significance as a J3 SETA (Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance) initiative.

Mr. Mazarin brings with him:

  • A proven track record of providing last-tier support for critical systems, including stepping up as a team lead during absences, demonstrating his ability to provide center-level direction.
  • Significant contributions to web development productivity, including achieving a remarkable 75% productivity boost in creating and maintaining web pages, leveraging his skills with a custom CMS.
  • Developing the Rapid ELISA Mobile Analysis (REMA), a full-stack prototype for rapid disease diagnosis. This project utilized cutting-edge technologies such as early Android builds, AWS, and Google Cloud services. His work was so impressive that he had the opportunity to present REMA at a Division Seminar, showcasing his ability to communicate complex technical concepts effectively.

In his spare time, Mr. Mazarin enjoys gardening, traveling with his dog, and spending time with his grandchildren.