Justin MeadSenior AQA Analyst

Justin Mead joined the J3 SETA team in early 2023 as Senior Solutions and Systems Analyst.  SETA’s efforts  at USDA, benefits by Mr. Mead’s over 4 years of agency service between  Veterinary Services (VS), and National Resource Conservation Services (NRCS) tenure with the Department of Agriculture.  The diversity of projects and teams Mr. Mead has, through coaching and mentoring, brought to performing status, across not only Federal but industries such as supply chain, pharmaceutical, energy, financial, to name a few, we are very excited to have Mr. Mead as a resource at J3.


Mr. Mead provides a well-seasoned background with 30 years of data collection, reporting, integration, and business process analysis in technology delivery for a variety of industries, including government. Mr. Mead’s strength is not only because of the breadth of his projects and insights gained 20 years of contracting with fortune 500 companies like Amgen, Fair Isaac Corp., McKesson, Nutrien, Xcel Energy, but also from the variety of roles of developer, tester, analyst, project and program management at small companies and start-ups, prior to contracting. Mr. Mead is a creative out of the box systems thinker. Prior to Mr. Mead’s tenure in information technology, he spent 10 years in sales marketing and promotion of outdoor industry goods and services. Mr. Mead combines decades of information technology with a business perspective in sales and marketing. Mr. Mead’s personal passion in Philosophy, enhances his enthusiasm for systems thinking, ontological mappings, and obscure conversations, such as topics in Intertextuality and Phenomenological structures. This passion applies to the  Machine Learning context and configurations of Artificial Intelligence tools, for practical applications.


Beyond Mr. Meads academic studies and Bachelor of Science in Business Information System (BSIS) degree, his hobbies include being an avid outdoorsman, woodworker, welder, fabricator, cook, and collector of obscure books. He spends time with his animals and helping his adult daughter whenever she needs it. Mr. Meads fun fact is that he was on the cover of a regional tourist magazine skiing off the ‘chin of Mount Mansfield Vermont’ in 1992.