Ayesha NicholsChief Contracts Officer

As Chief Contracts Officer for J3 Consulting, Ayesha Nichols maintains a keen eye on customer satisfaction, contract management, and project operations. She is the single point of contact for all J3 contractual matters. Working collaboratively with all departments she oversees the life cycle of client contracts to ensure compliance and risk mitigation. In addition, Ms. Nichols directs J3’s project operations, making quality work performance and on-time deliverables each project’s top priorities.

Ms. Nichols has more than 20 years of management experience in the federal government, commercial, and non-profit sectors. Prior to coming to J3 Consulting, she held various leadership positions at DB Consulting Group for more than 15 years. There she helped guide strategic objectives related to contract management, quality management, and project operations.

She is a member of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) and with this alliance she can stay current with contract related methodologies, practices, and resources. In 2010, she received a Master of Science in Project Management and demonstrates this level of knowledge in her direction of all J3 Consulting contracts. Much earlier and at the beginning of her career in 1999, she obtained her Doctor of Law credentials that lends to her success as a contract administration subject matter expertise.

When Ms. Nichols is not reviewing contracts or project deliverables, she is crocheting or caring for the bounty of plants at her home.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, she now resides in Baltimore, MD.