J3 Consulting, LLC to Provide Acquisition Support Services to GSA

J3 Consulting, LLC (J3), announced that it is providing full-service quality assurance to the Acquisition Policy Team within the General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) Assisted Acquisition Services directorate.

In this role, J3 is developing and improving standard operating procedures for the GSA, which manages federal property and provides contracting options for government agencies. J3’s efforts will enhance the quality of enforcing acquisition policies, develop requirements documentation, and implement review policies for the three phases within the procurement lifecycle: pre-solicitation, pre-award, and post-award.

Developing high quality acquisition policy support teams that are responsible for implementing and executing quality assurance programs has been key to J3’s success within GSA,” said Peter Cipriano, J3 Chief Information Officer. “Our role is to ensure quality metrics are met and to reinforce FAR and supplemental agency regulations in driving efficiencies across GSA and their client agencies.”

Specific acquisition support services include technical writing, fiscal management, and administrative support, such as:

  • Historical IPT documentation for accuracy and compliance;
  • Written assessments;
  • Documenting functional and performance level requirements into the appropriate requirements documents;
  • Providing document findings;
  • Developing a usable document that the GSA can use as a draft Statement of Work (SOW), Statement of Objectives (SOO), or Performance Work Statement (PWS);
  • Support Acquisition Planning;
  • Coordinating with the Acquisition Review Board to ensure submitted documentation is complete;
  • Coordinate the ARB process timing and document results;
  • Assisting with developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP);
  • Conducting a review of acquisition-specific roles;
  • Assisting the GSA management team with messaging efforts throughout the processes to improve overall quality and encourage innovation.

J3 assists with uncovering and documenting all elements in an acquisition plan,” Cipriano continued. “This includes interfacing with IPT members; assisting in preparing acquisition plans, justifications, clearances, briefings, presentations, and technical evaluation plans; and maintaining compliance with FAR and agency policies and regulations.”