J3 Consulting Hosts Successful Strategy and Networking Event

J3 Consulting Hosts Successful Strategy and Networking Event

The J3 Consulting, LLC (J3) team recently gathered at a three-day retreat at XCAL in Ashburn, Virginia, to focus on branding, goal setting, and new offerings, and to allow team members to spend time together.

“Our three-day strategy meeting was an incredible opportunity for our team to come together, set goals, and work on building a stronger brand,” said J3 President & CEO Jeannie Jones-Ledford. “It was also a chance for us to have some fun and strengthen relationships with one another. We’re excited about the future of J3 and the new offerings we have in store for our clients.”

Throughout the three-day event, team-building exercises, games, and other fun activities were designed to help employees get to know each other better. Team members shared their thoughts on J3’s brand and discussed how the company differentiates itself with its experienced leaders, strong partner program, and dynamic team. The company also worked on creating a growth strategy by identifying key objectives and outlining specific steps to reach them. Additionally, the team discussed new offerings, then brainstormed potential new services and products.

The event culminated with a Partner Appreciation Happy Hour, attended by clients, team members, and representatives from J3’s many partnerships in the industry. The evening provided an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and achievements of the past year, as well as to network and build new relationships.

“Our team members have all expressed excitement about this successful retreat,” said Peter Cipriano, J3 Chief Information Officer. “It helped us focus on key objectives, develop a growth strategy, and create a stronger brand. Everyone left feeling closer, more connected, and excited about the future of J3 Consulting.”