It’s common knowledge that working with an SBA certified 8(a) business can benefit government agencies. But why is J3 Consulting the right 8(a) for you?

As an SBA certified 8(a) business, J3 can help you:

  1. Meet Diversity Goals: The federal government has set goals for awarding a certain percentage of contracts to small businesses, minority-owned businesses, and disadvantaged businesses. Working with J3 can help agencies meet these goals.
  2. Access Qualified Contractors: In order to become an SBA certified 8(a) business, J3 went through a rigorous vetting process, which includes a review of the company’s financial status, ownership, and management structure. J3 has proven to be highly qualified, competent, and can provide government agencies with quality goods and services.
  3. Save Money: J3 can often offer lower costs than larger businesses, as small companies have lower overhead expenses. This can result in cost savings for government agencies.
  4. Fast Track Your Procurement: Working with J3 can also help government agencies streamline the procurement process. Under certain conditions, J3 can use a simplified acquisition process, which allows them to award contracts quickly and easily.
  5. Authorized Cloud Reseller: At J3, we are authorized to resell the major public clouds: AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, and Oracle. We find ourselves in a unique position to offer agencies an opportunity to consolidate their cloud spend through a small company. This, in turn, empowers us to negotiate with the big public cloud providers with the best interests of the agency in mind.

“Our personnel have a long history of providing advisory services around cloud, and they leverage this knowledge base to benefit agencies looking to simplify their billing, consolidate, get better discounts, and often benefit from improved service contracts,” said Simar Johar, J3 Chief Technology Officer. “J3’s value offering is incomparable to anything else on the market, helping the government discover its cloud spend, comparing the ROI across the public clouds, and creating setup for more advanced FinOps and analytics.”