Business Intelligence Developer Shaw Yang is an integral part of our team here at J3 Consulting. With more than 13 years of experience in technology, Shaw has worked in various roles, including business intelligence, technology development, analysis, and training.

Shaw’s experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to J3. Based out of Boston, he joined the company as a Business Intelligence Developer in October 2022 and has been working on two main projects for the USDA. One project involves data management and offering real-time reporting via a dashboard to USDA leadership so that they can gain insight and actionable information right away, rather than waiting for a monthly report about to what is doing on. The second project revolves around the USDA’s FITARA project.

“Shaw’s expertise in automation and streamlining processes has helped him deliver high-quality services to both J3 and our clients,” said Peter Cipriano, J3 Consulting CIO. “Thanks to Shaw’s efforts, we now are looking at data in new ways and our technology allows us to do more, faster. A lot of our services are labor-based. When you add in data, it makes all of our employees more impactful.”

Shaw earned his undergraduate degree in e-commerce in his home country of China and later received his Master of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University. After completing his education, he worked with the Boston Public Housing Authority (BHA), where he streamlined their processes using his expertise in IT and business. While there, he also served as a developer and trainer of BHA Smoking Violation Report Database, where he developed a centralized smoking complaint tracking database for Boston REACH Project, a 3-million federal and state-funded public health project that promotes nonsmoking policy in public housing. He trained 60+ housing managers to use the database and provided ongoing training and technical support. He also designed a customized and automated dashboard to review smoking complaints and outcomes for BHA senior management and for external evaluators to assess the implementation of BHA Non-Smoking Policy.

Aside from his professional life, Shaw enjoys playing chess and hiking with his wife. He values the leadership team at J3 Consulting and appreciates their caring attitude towards him and his family.

“The team at J3 Consulting works together as a family, and I feel supported and valued as a member of the team,” he said, adding that the support from the leadership team motivates him to contribute more and give his all to his work.